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Q1) Who are Hands for Heroes™?

A: Hands for Heroes™ is a nationwide organization of health care professionals who have donated their time and skills to provide therapeutic bodywork for our Nations Veterans.

Q2) Who can become a Hands for Heroes Partner™?

A: Any healthcare practitioner in the United States who wishes to participate in healing our returning service men and women.

Q3) What are some of the benefits of partnering with Hands for Heroes™?

A: As a Hands for Heroes Partner™, you are contributing to the health and well being of the ones who protect us each and every day. As a Hands for Heroes Partner™ you will become a valuable resource with other therapists across the nation, who provide their time and services to healing our Veterans. To support you, Hands for Heroes™ will provide you with marketing materials to notify the public of your commitment to the military Veterans who have served us.

Q4) How do I receive my Hands for Heroes Partner™ wall certificate, advertising materials, press release and logo?

A: When you complete your Hands for Heroes Partner™ Agreement and submit to us, we will immediately forward you a press release to use for your advertising and the Hands for Heroes Partner™ Logo along with other materials. All we ask is that you log onto our website and notify us of the bodywork sessions you have completed for the month.

Q5) How do I enroll as a Hands for Heroes Partner™?

A: Just fill out the brief Hands for Heroes Partner™ Information Sheet and sign the Hands for Heroes Partner™ Agreement. We will send out the official Hands for Heroes Partner™ certificate and promotional information to use in your advertising.  Click here to enroll as a Hands for Heroes Partner™ online

Q6) How do I reach Veterans who may want/need massage?

A: Utilize our Hands for Heroes™ press release and advertising materials as well as Hands for Heroes Partners™ Logo in your advertising and include it on your website.  Include a phrase such as, “Veterans will receive (        ) free bodywork sessions each (        )”. With your permission, we will list you on a national registry on this site. When a Veteran requests a bodywork session in your area, he/she will be able to find your name and contact information.
After registering as a Hands for Heroes™ Partner, when you login on the "Partner's Login" screen, you are able to search our national database for veterans in your area.  We are a new service so this list will grow over time.  In the mean time advertise your affiliation with Hands for Heroes™ to obtain clients.

Q7) How do I keep track of the bodywork sessions I complete for Veterans?

A: Just print out our Hands for Heroes™ Client Tracking Form. Log in and follow the easy instructions to organize the clients in chronological order. This helps you meet your monthly goal of Veterans sessions and Veterans who are on the list to receive a session for next month. Each month contact our website and click on Partner’s Login. Just record the number of sessions completed. Count a one hour appointment as one session. (e.g. A thirty minute is counted as a 0.5 session and a 1-1/2 hour appointment is counted as a 1.5 session, etc.)

Q8) How do I submit a testimonial?

A: Email us the Veteran’s testimonial to You may send related pictures or even videos. Wherever possible, we will include these on our website.

Q9) What are some results of altruism giving?

A: Besides the benefits received by the client, the giver also benefits both physiologically and psychologically. The art of giving heals the giver by stopping stress effects on the body. The effect is coined "the helper’s high". This positive feeling mirrors the feeling after a good workout. Plus, the art of giving helps release endorphins that block out pain signals to the brain. Numerous studies have linked “lending a helping hand” to pleasant feelings and emotions. Other benefits for the giver are improved health, more energy, an improved immune system and even an increase in longevity. As an added benefit, when more people hear of your service to Veterans, their friends and family find their way to your office. More people to help!

Q10) Who are our Sponsors?

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